TPMS are electronic sensors fitted within the tyre which monitor tyre pressure and temperature, they inform drivers of low pressure or sudden deflation of tyres. Mobiletron are a manufacturer of aftermarket TPMS sensor.

These systems transmit data to the vehicle’s ECU and is depicted via a pictogram display, voice activation or a simple warning light within the vehicle. The primary aim of the legislation in Europe is to reduce the overall carbon footprint attributed to cars, by maximising tyre life and fuel efficiency.

TPMS has become part of the MOT test on all cars fitted with the technology that were first used on or after the 1st January 2012.

There are two main types of TPM, direct and indirect with differing features and benefits and there are many different types of sensors and sealing components associated with the more accurate direct tpms systems.

We know that education is key for our customers to succeed, It’s vital that all tyre technicians are aware of the issues that they may face when dealing with tyre pressure monitoring. So using our extensive knowledge of manufacturing TPMS for the Far East O.E market we have set up this website. This website is dedicatied to all things Tyre Pressure Monitoring and provides information to help support you and your customers.

Mobiletron can provide a complete solution for your business or needs whether this means programming tools, pre-programmed TPMS sensors, Direct fit sensors, service kits, hand tyre changing tools and training. We can offer a complete Tyre Pressure Monitoring System solution for your business from a Pre-Programmed Direct Fit sensor to a fully programmable Universal Sensor and associated accessories.

Our products are listed on Autocat and TecDoc and all our products can be found using our online catalogue MobCAT.