Mobiletron Replacement TPMS Sensors

Mobiletron is an internationally renowned automotive electronics manufacturer. We have been designing and manufacturing OE and OES parts for over 30 years, supplying Remanufacturers, Distributors and Motor Factors since 1982. Our expertise is in developing Engine Management, Charging Systems and TPMS.

mobiletron tpms

Mobiletron provides a complete range of exceptional tyre pressure monitoring products manufactured to OE standards and under strict inspection and testing regulations. The range includes the programmable Combi sensor, direct fit options and diagnostic tools powered by global leader ATEQ.

Legislation changed around TPMS sensors in 2015, meaning vehicles now fail MOT tests because of faulty sensors. In a recent study, over 24,000 vehicles failed their MOT after TPMS problems were identified. Compare that with the 7,000 cases in the prior year, and you will note a 215% jump between the years.

The most common sensor fault was battery failure. Mobiletron TPMS sensors are fitted with a battery that lasts 5-7 years. However, some OE sensors fail after 3 years.

TPMS sensor stems are another failure cause. These stems can also corrode over time as they are open to the elements and exposed to dirt and debris from the road.

One of the major reasons independent garages fail to take full advantage of massive opportunities is a general lack of confidence or experience when fitting or maintaining sensors. However, technicians need little specialist training to fit TPMS sensors with the right tools and replacement parts. Mobiletron sensors can be used to replace an OE sensor.

Garages that avoid TPMS work and refer customers to dealerships or tyre specialists should recognise the revenue they are missing out. Mobiletron hopes workshops realise the revenue opportunities associated with an additional specialised TPMS service.

Mobiletron TPMS

Mobiletron is a global group serving over 100 countries. Our European headquarters, based in Preston, Lancashire, stocksover 5,000 products, servicing over 40 countries. Our state-of-the-art warehouse management system and streamlined picking and packing process ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. As a result, we aim to complete and dispatch all UK orders on the same day. We also aim to dispatch export orders within 72 hours, helping you provide high customer service.

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