TPMS For Motorcycles Performance

Why is it so important to monitor tyre pressure to improve performance?

Having the right tyres, correctly maintained and inflated, gives the rider the biggest and “easiest” performance gain”

“Knowing your tyres are up to optimum performance temperature means you can take that favourite bend with confidence”

1/3 of the energy in a litre of fuel is used in overcoming rolling resistance. Underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance.

  • Tyre inflation pressure is vital to its performance.
  • Too low and the tyre will deform, reducing its effectiveness, and increasing wear and fuel consumption.

Over-inflation increases wear and reduces potential grip.

Tyre Temperature

  • The traction provided by motorcycle tyres improves dramatically with temperature.
  • Monitoring your tyre temperature means you know when is the right time to push your bike hard and achieve best performance.

Mobiletron TPMS

Our Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System makes it easier for a rider to keep track of their tyres performance… keeping you safer and on the road for longer!

Motorcycle TPMS

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TPMS For Motorcycles