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Get the best performance possible out of your motorcycle with a Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System from Mobiletron

Whether riding your bike for pleasure, commuting or competition, safety is paramount. Through technology TPMS gives the rider:

  • Real-time Tyre Pressure and Temperature reading
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Improved riding safety
  • Easy Installation

How TPMS Works:

Sensor/ Transmitter fitted inside tyre to ensure accurate real-time Pressure and Temperature reading. Secured around rim by stainless steel strap.

Data transmitted wirelessly using RF technology, simultaneously displayed on Receiver.
Receiver has built-in antenna and waterproof up to IP66
Real time detection and warning for :
High/Low Pressure and High Temperature*
Fast leak
Slow leak (Continuous air loss over set period of time)
Easy replacement of sensor/transmitter during tyre change

*High/Low Limits can be set by users easily according to bike specification/ tyre maker recommendation

Transmitter Types

There are two different types of tyre pressure monitoring systems available for motor cycles – the strap type and cap type.

Strap type:

The strap / band type TPMS is mounted with a stainless steel strap on to each wheel of the vehicle. This type of TPMS provides a much more accurate reading than the cap type but it may need to be fitted by a garage due the tyre needing to be removed (wheels may require balancing after fitting). The battery is better protected because it is in a sealed unit, however, on the down side it means that it cannot be replaced.

Cap type:

The cap type TPMS is quick and easy to install, all you have to do is simply attach to the valve. This type of TPMS can be fitted by the user because there is no need to remove the wheel or tyre from the bike (but just remember that the wheels may still need balancing). The battery can also be replaced with the cap type tyre pressure monitoring system. The temperature reading may not be as accurate as the strap / band type TPMS but it is still good enough for the every day motorcycle rider and commuter.

**It is recommended that Cap type sensors are only used with metal valves.**

Technical Information:



TPMS for Motorcycles

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TPMS For Motorcycles