MORE Universal TPMS Sensor

Our MORE universal TPMS sensor transmits accurate data to the vehicles ECU to alert any abnormalities in tyre pressure to the driver.

The MORE Sensor is infinitely programmable using our programming tool and are available in 433MHz (European applications)

The whole range covers over 95% of applications and is constantly being developed with new monthly additions to our online catalogue MobCAT.

  • One sensor replaces the need to stock a number of different parts
  • Quick to program and fit – reducing customer waiting times
  • 100% tested to O.E specifications
  • Reduces stock holding and inventory costs.
  • One price keeps the cost to a minimum whether it be a replacement for a weekend sports car or the family runabout.
  • Developed to be compatible with all major TPMS scan tools which can help reduce investment costs.
  • Sensors can clone existing TPMS sensors, therefore avoiding the need to perform the manufacturers specified relearn procedure.
  • No specialist tools required for fitting

Universal TPMS Sensor Product Features

  • 433MHz
  • Infinetly reprogrammable
  • Compatible with vehicles with WAL TPMS systems
  • Two piece design with removeable stem
  • Easy to Fit same process as OE
  • 2 year warranty
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • Can be programmed with Mobiletrons  programming tools
  • Suitable for speeds exceeding 250 Kph (155 mph)