TPMS are tyre pressure monitoring sensors. Therefore, they are electronic sensors fitted within the tyre which monitor tyre pressure and temperature. Due to this, they inform drivers of low pressure or sudden deflation of tyres. In addition, Mobiletron are a manufacturer of aftermarket TPMS sensors.

TPMS sensors are essential because they play a critical role in ensuring the safety and performance of vehicles on the road. For example, these sensors constantly monitor the tire pressure of vehicles and alert drivers to any issues, such as low pressure, which can lead to poor handling, reduced fuel efficiency, and even tyre blowouts.

Without TPMS sensors, drivers may not be aware of low tyre pressure until it is too late. This can put their safety at risk and cause costly damage to their vehicle. Additionally, properly inflated tyres can help extend the tyres’ lifespan, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions, making TPMS sensors an essential component of environmentally friendly and cost-effective driving.

Therefore, a TPMS system will transmit data to the vehicle’s ECU and is depicted via a pictogram display, voice activation or a simple warning light within the vehicle. Therefore, the primary aim of the legislation in Europe is to reduce the overall carbon footprint attributed to cars.

Due to this, Mobiletron offer programmable and direct fit TPMS sensors which are compatible with all major programming tools. This includes: TEXA, Tecnomotor and Snap-On. Contact us today.