Tyre Regulations

Since November 2014, regulations state that cars sold in the European Union must be fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) as standard equipmentThese regulations require all new passenger vehicles to be equipped with TPMS sensors as standard equipment. These sensors detect when the tyre pressure drops below a certain level and alerts the driver with a warning light on the dashboard. Regulations also require that TPMS sensors must be functional and work at all times. Due to this, this legislation aims to reduce the risk of accidents caused by overinflated tyres. It also aims to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel economy.

The EU directive 2010/48/EU introduced a TPM system check to the MOT test for any car fitted with a TPM system (manufactured after January 2012) displaying the TPMS warning light, from the 1st of January 2015.

Due to this, workshops and garages must be aware, trained and equipped to diagnose, repair and replace TPMS to maximise business opportunities.

MORE Sensor: TPMS Solution 

MORE SENSOR has developed a complete TPMS solution in preparation for new EU legislation. In addition, our online catalogue offers a comprehensive range of sensors, valves and service kits.

A simple drop-down menu search facility presents the appropriate product and general specification details.

Tyre regulations for TPMS

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