Here are some common TPMS FAQ’s:


Q. Is the Mobiletron Programming Tool multilingual?
A. The Programming tool includes 10 European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Dutch)

Q. Are software updates free of charge?
A. Yes, software updates will be available free of charge for the life of the Mobiletron Programming tool.

Q. How will software updates be downloaded and how will they be installed?
A. Quarterly updates will be made available through our website ( Download the software onto a USB device and insert it into the USB port on the programming tool. To complete the installation use the “USB update” function from the “Main Menu” of the tool.

Q. Is the Mobiletron Programming Tool compatible with other brands of sensor?
A. Our programming tool has been designed to work with Mobiletron’s MORE Sensors.

Q. Is the Programming Tool serviceable i.e. Can it be repaired?
A. Yes, if the Tool is within warranty it can be repaired free of charge however if the tool is out of warranty there will be a repair charge.

Q. Can accessories be purchased seperately, such as the USB cable and charger adapter?
A. Yes, accessories can be purchased seperately and will have their own part numbers.


Q. Can the ATEQ and Snap-in adapters work with both Clamp-in and Snap-in Mobiletron Universal TPMS sensors?
A. Yes, our ATEQ and Snap-in adapters are designed to work with both Clamp-in and Snap-in sensor types. Both adapters will also allow you to program the universal sensors with and without the valve installed to the sensor.

Q. Are Mobiletron TPMS sensors compatible with the industry’s main TPMS scan tools?
A. Yes, Mobiletron’s TPMS sensors are designed to communicate with all of the main TPMS scan tools.

Q. Why is Mobiletron not listed as an option in the “Program” section on ATEQ tools?
A. You may need to update your tool.

Q. Can MORE Sensors be programmed by other TPMS scan tools?
A. Mobiletron’s MORE Sensors can now be programmed with ATEQ’s diagnostic Tools! The Ateq Adapter allows users who have the main diagnostic tool manufactured by ATEQ to program Mobiletron’s MORE Universal sensors.

They can also be programmed using tools from brands such as Ateq, Tecnomotor and TEXA

Q. Are Mobiletron TPMS Sensors compatible with vehicles with Wireless Auto Location (WAL) TPMS systems?
A. Yes, Mobiletron’s MORE Sensors and Direct-fit Sensors are compatible with vehicles with a WAL TPMS system.

Q. How are Mobiletron’s TPMS sensors programmed?
A. Mobiletron’s MORE Sensors are infinitely reprogrammable using the Programming Tool and our Direct-Fit Sensors are pre-programmed – ready to fit!

Q. Are Direct Replacement TPMS sensors easy to fit?
A. There is no specialist training required. The fitting process is the same as OE. Fitting instructions are on the ‘How to fit TPMS sensors’ page and on the same page there is a QR code which will take you to a more in-depth video.

Q. Will clamp-in and snap-in valves be supplied separately?
A. Both metal clamp-in and rubber snap-in valves can be supplied seperately. See Options page

Q. How long is the warranty period?
A. All of Mobiletron’s products are covered with a 2 year warranty. The typical battery life of our TPMS sensors is 5 years.

Q. On starting the vehicle a TPMS light comes on, but switches off after driving for a short time, What could this mean?

A. This could be that one or more of your tyre pressures are close to the low-pressure threshold. Overnight when your tyres are cold, the pressure will be at its lowest, which can bring the pressure either close to or below the 20% minimum pressure allowance – switching the TPMS warning light on. Once you start driving however, your tyres will warm up and the pressure will subsequently increase; turning the warning light off. Check your tyre pressures before you drive to make sure they are at the correct pressure.

Q. Can I fit TPMS myself?

This is not a plug and play sensor, replacement TPMS sensor installation and pairing requires certain level of knowledge and skills to perform the task.


Q. How can I update the PT46 Diagnostic tool?
A. Instructions for updating the tool can be found here –

Q. Is the software license included?
A. The first year subscription is included free of charge, to extend the license contact our office on 01772 693 780

If there is something we havent covered in our TPMS FAQ’s please contact Mobiletron here

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