Direct fit and Universal*

Below is our step by step guide on: HOW TO FIT TPMS –

Please ensure the universal TPMS sensor is programmed prior to installation

This section of the website provides educational and training information to help you make an informed decision about TPMS. This section will provide valuable information on how to fit, programme and clone sensors. We provide easy to follow step by step instructions on both ranges, including video tutorials.

  1. Release air from tyre by removing the valve. Place wheel on tyre changing machine and break both beads. Ensure the sensor is on the opposite side of the breaking bead.
  2. Place the wheel on the turntable and demount the tyre. The sensor can now be removed.
  3. Remove the existing sensor and clear valve stem hole of any dirt or corrosion. Remove washer, nut and cap from the new valve stem. Install new sensor through the rim hole. Insert stem then place the washer followed by the nut back on the valve. Tighten the nut to 4 Nm (36in-lb)
  4. Locate the sensor body onto the other end of the valve stem. Hand tighten to secure then tighten connecting screw to 2.2 Nm (20 in-1lb)
  5. Re-install the tyre. Making sure no contact is made with the new sensor to prevent damage.
  6. Follow the manufacturers standard relearn procedure (according to vehicle handbook)

How To Fit TPMS Instructions – (step by step)