When fitting a new TPMS sensor to a vehicle, the vehicle’s ECU must relearn the new sensor ID code. However, relearning procedures vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, they can all be grouped into three main categories.
TPMS relearn procedure

The three main types of TPMS relearn procedures are:

Stationary TPMS Relearn

This procedure allows new sensor ID codes to be programmed into the vehicle’s ECU without driving the vehicle. Therefore, this relearn requires using a TPMS activation tool and placing the car in a relearn state. Due to this, this is done using a diagnostic tool or selecting the appropriate option in the vehicle’s computer menu. Therefore, the vehicle then uses the signal emitted from each sensor, in turn, to establish which sensor is at which specific location.


  • The car will not need to be driven to relearn.


  • However, it can occasionally require the car to be returned to the main dealer to initiate the relearn.

A TPMS diagnostic/scan tool is required to complete the relearn.

OBD TPMS Relearn

An OBD relearn requires using a TPMS scan tool such as an ATEQ or BARTEC tool to program the new sensor IDs directly into the vehicle’s ECU. Therefore, the user first needs to scan each TPMS sensor with a scan tool. Secondly, the tool must be connected to the vehicle’s OBD port. Finally, the new ID codes are transferred to the vehicle following the step-by-step instructions.


  • New IDs can be programmed without driving the vehicle.
  • Relearning is quick, and the warning light goes out immediately after.


  • However a TPMS diagnostic/scan tool is required to complete the relearn.

TPMS Auto Learn

This is the most common TPMS relearn procedure used in the industry. Due to this, they are more frequently used on newer vehicles, making it simpler for customers to replace the sensors. Therefore, following installing the new sensor/s, the vehicle must be driven to learn the new sensor ID/s. Due to this, the vehicle will often learn single or multiple sensors simultaneously without a diagnostic/scan tool.


  • A very simple TPMS relearning process, with only a few steps to complete.
  • Does not require a TPMS scan tool.


  • However, the vehicle must be driven to turn off the TPMS warning light.

Please note that some vehicles may use a combination of the above.